NOW Let's talk about the

NOW Let's talk about the "BAG IN BOX"

"Bag in box yes" or "bag in box no" for extra virgin olive oil?
First of all we explain what it is. The bag in box is made up of a plastic bag with a tap tap, enclosed in a cardboard box.
The special tap and bag guarantee the vacuum and store the product by limiting contact with oxygen and light. The box pack is easily and completely recyclable. Bag and tap go into plastic and cardboard in the paper facilitating separate collection of waste.
The bag in box, based on these features, is an excellent container for extra virgin olive oil.
We of Fontanara also pack our oils in "Bag in Box" because we believe that the product should be well preserved until the last drop, but at the same time it should be practical and functional in use in the kitchen.

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OIL EXTRA VERGINE LINE ANINO ITALIAN PRODUCT - 5 liters bag in box - Fontanara S.r.l.

ANino is an extra virgin olive oil of origin and Italian production. Dedicated to the founder of Fontanara, Giovanni Bocchi.